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22/09/2019 in Ukraine (Mykolaiv) the international kyokushin tournament KWF Ukrainian Open Cup 2019 was held in the Kumite section among children, boys and girls, younger juniors and juniors. Organizer: KWF Ukraine (KFU - Kyokushin kai Federation of Ukraine). KWF Country Representative in Ukraine sensei Dmytro Nikolaiev, 4 dan. In the competition for the right to be the first, 360 athletes from Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine fought. The team of Ukraine was represented by the Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Zaporizhzhya regions and the city of Kiev. On three tatami athletes fought for gold in 55 categories. The competition was opened by the National Representative of KWF in Ukraine, President of the

Kyokushin Kai Federation of Ukraine Dmytro Nikolaiev, he said kind words to the athletes and organizers of the competition, wished honest and uncompromising fights. The event was attended by honored guests who, through joint efforts to popularize and help develop Kyokushin (KWF) in Ukraine: - KWF Country Representative in Armenia sensei Spartak Gasparyan 4 dan; - KWF Country Representative in Moldova sensei Vyacheslav Slanina 4 dan. During the grand opening, for significant contribution to the development of Kyokushin in Ukraine were awarded: Spartak Gasparyan, Vyacheslav Slanina, Arthur Arushunyan and Dmytro Zhvavy. Dmytro Nikolaiev solemnly handed over the black belts that were awarded according to the results of the exam at the All-Ukrainian Summer School Kyokushin 2019 and the Certification Commission of the International Sports Federation - World Kyokushin Federation (KWF) was awarded the master degree II Dan Oleg Pavlenko, Valery Vasin and the master degree I Dan Vadim Bobenko. I hope that all guests enjoyed our championship and next year we will definitely meet again at the international tournament KWF Ukrainian Open Cup 2020. Special thanks for supporting the tournament to KWF Country Representative in Armenia Spartak Gasparyan and KWF Country Representative in Moldova Vyacheslav Slanina

Международный турнир «KWF Ukrainian Open Cup 2019»
22.09.2019 в Украине (Николаев) прошел международный турнир «KWF Ukrainian Open Cup 2019» по киокусин в разделе «Кумитэ» среди детей, юношей и девушек, юниоров и юниорок. Организатор: KWF Ukraine (KFU - Kyokushin kai Federation of Ukraine). Национальному представитель KWF в Украине Дмитрий Николаев, 4 дан На соревнованиях за право быть первым боролись 360 спортсмена из Армении, Молдовы и Украины. Команда Украины была представлена ​​Киевской, Днепропетровской, Николаевской, Херсонской, Черкасской, Черниговской, Одесской, Днепропетровской, Львовской, Запорожской областями и городом Киевом. На трех татами спортсмены боролись за золото в 55 категориях. Соревнования открыл Национальный представитель KWF в Украине, Президент Федерации Киокусин кай Украины Дмитрий Николаев, он сказал добрые слова в адрес спортсменов и рганизаторов соревнований, пожелал честных и бескомпромиссных поединков. На чемпионате присутствовали почетные гости, которые совместными усилиями популяризировать и помогают развивать киокусин (KWF) в Украине. - Национальный представитель KWF в Республике Армения Спартак Гаспарян, сенсей 4 дан; - Национальный представитель KWF в Республике Молдова Вячеслав Сланина, сенсей 4 дан. Во время торжественного открытия за весомый вклад в развитие киокусин в Украине были награждены: Спартак Гаспарян, Вячеслав Сланина, Артур Арушунян и Дмитрий Жвавый. Дмитрий Николаев торжественно вручил черные пояса которые были присвоены по результатам экзамена в «Всеукраинской летней школе Киокусин 2019» и Аттестационной комиссией международной спортивной федерации «Всемирная федерация киокусин» (KWF) присвоено-мастерскую степень ІІ Дан Олегу Павленко, Валерию Васину и мастерскую степень І Дан Вадиму Бобенко. Надеюсь что всем гостям понравился наш чемпионат и в следующем году мы обязательно встретимся снова на международном турнире «KWF Ukrainian Open Cup 2020» Особая благодарность за поддержку турнира Национальному представителю KWF в Республике Армения Спартаку Гаспаряну и ациональному представителю KWF в Республике Молдова Вячеславу Сланине.


This is Kyokushin.

Great atmosphere and valuable learning, the focus of the approximately 50 students attending the longest seminar in the history of summer camps in Portugal, 5 days. The 2019 Summer Seminar was held in Árvore, Vila do Conde between 6 and 11 August and organized by AKP (Kyokushinkai Portugal Association) with the technical guidance of shihan Antonio Pereira, KWF representative in Portugal and Brazil. Special guest of this summer camp shihan Grondin Pierre KWF representative on Réunion island.Attendees that honored this field, Luis Pinto de Viana de Castelo, Luis Silva, Jorge Ferreira, Mário Silva representative KWF Angola and Hugo Andrade de Matosinhos. To the Program in these 5 days of Kyokushin study: Syllabus; Kihon, Ido, Kata, Bunkai, Kumite, Goshinjutsu. The first 24 hours of the seminar were reserved for Brown Belts and Dans. The surprises of this seminar came from the very interesting work by Shihan Grondin Pierre on “Bio Energy”, Taichi and Chi Kong. The presence of Mestre Hugo Andrade was the opportunity to deepen Taekwondo's leg work. We ended with the Antonio Marafona (1st Dan Kyokushin) tibetan tongs and tongs show on Saturday night. Sunday morning served for the already traditional and famous water training on the beautiful beach of Mindelo. This was the seminar “Summer 2019”. Train 4 times a day, be awakened at to do 30 fights, mountain training, beach training and finish with a 6 hour black belt exam session.

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From the 1 - 10 of August on the Lake Sevan was held the annual “SPARTA” tent summer camp, organized by the National Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia.  Year after year, this summer camp brings together all students who want to learn something new, strengthen their knowledge, make new acquaintances and make more professional friends during 10 unforgettable days.  It is very important, especially for boys, to provide all of this and many other life skills. The president of the KWF Armenia 🇦🇲Spartak Gasparyan expresses his gratitude to all the people, parents and coaches who were with the federation these, who organized the training. OSU!  


The spanish summercamp KWF was held from 25 to 28 of July in Benasque (Spain). The camp was directed by shihan Antonio Piñero, President of KWF and 160 students of Norway, Holland, Chile and Spain took part.  The camp covered the main aspects of kyokushin as kihon, kata, fighting and self defecne  The grading to black belts was held with about 45 candidates, who showed a good skills and ability.

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18 - 21 July 2019 at the facilities of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow took place 46. East European Summer Camp Kyokushin with 290 participants from 8 countries including Russia, Turkey, Germany, Israel, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The main trainers were the President of KWF Antonio Pinero 9 dan and the National Representative of the United States, Lesław Samitowski, 7 dan from Chicago. The program was supervised by the Secretary of the KWF Andrzej Drewniak. The program of the day included a morning warm-up and 3 two-hour trainings. Trainings of the Polish nationa team group were conducted by trainers: Robert Wajgelt, Wacław Antoniak (WKF trainings) and Maciej Sokołowski. The medical insurance was provided by a Krzysztof Mawlichanów MD.

On Friday evening, in the Justyna Hotel was held a meeting of the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization with the participation of 62 branch chiefs and Shihan A. Pinero, Shihan A. Drewniak, Shihan W. Antoniak and the President of Polish Karate Federation Maciej Sokołowski. The invited guest was the President of Polish YMCA Adam Goncerz. The participants discussed the most important problems of Kyokushin and PKF and the situation in world karate. On Saturday afternoon, examinations for dan and kyu took place with participation of all shihan present at the camp. In the evening there was a Sayonara combined with a cabaret contest. This year the NT group led by Robert Wajgelt's shihan won the first place.

On Sunday morning, the kumite exam for dan and kyu took place over an hour. This was followed by a photo session and the handing over of 52 certificates for dan. The organizer of the annual East-European summer camp kyokushin is the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization headed by shihan Andrzej Drewniak. The next East European camp is planned for July 16-19, 2020.

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2019-07-29  KWF NORWAY SUMMER CAMP OSLO 27-30 JUNE 2019


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