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18 - 21 July 2019 at the facilities of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow took place 46. East European Summer Camp Kyokushin with 290 participants from 8 countries including Russia, Turkey, Germany, Israel, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The main trainers were the President of KWF Antonio Pinero 9 dan and the National Representative of the United States, Lesław Samitowski, 7 dan from Chicago. The program was supervised by the Secretary of the KWF Andrzej Drewniak. The program of the day included a morning warm-up and 3 two-hour trainings. Trainings of the Polish nationa team group were conducted by trainers: Robert Wajgelt, Wacław Antoniak (WKF trainings) and Maciej Sokołowski. The medical insurance was provided by a Krzysztof Mawlichanów MD.

On Friday evening, in the Justyna Hotel was held a meeting of the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization with the participation of 62 branch chiefs and Shihan A. Pinero, Shihan A. Drewniak, Shihan W. Antoniak and the President of Polish Karate Federation Maciej Sokołowski. The invited guest was the President of Polish YMCA Adam Goncerz. The participants discussed the most important problems of Kyokushin and PKF and the situation in world karate. On Saturday afternoon, examinations for dan and kyu took place with participation of all shihan present at the camp. In the evening there was a Sayonara combined with a cabaret contest. This year the NT group led by Robert Wajgelt's shihan won the first place.

On Sunday morning, the kumite exam for dan and kyu took place over an hour. This was followed by a photo session and the handing over of 52 certificates for dan. The organizer of the annual East-European summer camp kyokushin is the Polish Kyokushinkai Organization headed by shihan Andrzej Drewniak. The next East European camp is planned for July 16-19, 2020.

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From 12 to 18 July, the All-Ukrainian Summer School for KYOKUSHIN KWF 2019 was held under the guidance of KWF Country representative in Ukraine, Sensei Dmitry Nikolaev (4 Dan). Sportsmen from Mykolaiv, Kherson, Cherkassy and Chernigov regions took part in the sporting event. The main goal of the summer school is to establish team work, restart and prepare for the new season. For the participants of the school an intensive training program was prepared, the athletes were divided into groups with different levels of training and complexity, for kihon trainings and kumite trainings. In addition to daily training sessions, athletes competed in the championships in the section "Kata" and by the rules of the struggle "Sumo". Champions and prize-winners were solemnly awarded with diplomas, cups and medals. Funny relay races, competitions, games in football and volleyball helped to make friends with the youngest participants of the school. They showed their strength, agility, and ingenuity. The culmination of the summer school was kyu and dan tests.

В период с 12 по 18 июля прошла Всеукраинская летняя школа по КИОКУСИН KWF 2019 под руководством Национального представителя KWF в Украине сэнсэя Дмитрия Николаева (4 Дан). В спортивном мероприятии приняли участие спортсмены из Николаевской, Херсонской, Черкасской и Черниговской областей. Основная цель летней школы - налаживание сплочённой командной работы, перезагрузка и подготовка к новому сезону. Для участников школы была подготовлена интенсивная программа тренировок, спортсмены были разделены на группы с различным уровнем подготовки и сложности, для кихон-тренигов и кумитэ-тренингов. Помимо ежедневных тренировочных занятий, спортсмены соревновались на чемпионатах в разделе «Ката» и по правилам борьбы «Сумо». Чемпионы и призеры были торжественно награждены дипломами, кубками и медалями. Веселые эстафеты, состязания, игры в футбол и волейбол помогли сдружиться самым юным участникам школы. Они показали свою силу, ловкость, смекалку. Кульминацией летней школы было проведение кю и дан тестов.


From the Friday the 5th till Monday-afternoon the 8th of july this event was organized by Shihan Loek Hollander, 10th dan, together with the Dutch KWF- organization.Shihan Antonio Pinero, Shihan Fernando Perez, Shihan Jerome de Timmerman and Shihan Koen Spitaels were our foreign headinstructors. They, together with our Dutch Shihans and Senseis, gave lessons to about 130 student from differrent countries. The weather was very nice, so a lot of the lessons were outside. On saturday there was a special training for the Dutch children. More than a hundred children attended this training, this was a huge succes !Saterday-evening we had a barbecue party, with music, good food en drinks!On Monday morning was the last part of the examinations ( Kumite), and after the graduationceremony, everbody went home again. We hope to see all people back next year ! The Dutch organization is very proud that Shihan Antonio, on behalf of the KWF, graduated Shihan Paul Lorist to 6th dan !

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The KWF summer camp was arranged in Oslo. The capital of Norway. From June 27th to June 30th .The camp was a really great success. The weather was warm with nearly 30 degrees.

120 participants attended the camp. That mean close to 1/ 4 of the members joined us. That result we are proud to reach.
We are also teaching children at the camp and 7 parents joined the beautiful surroundings at the camp. Shihan Lars Hogquist, 7 dan, was leading the camp. The guest instructor were:
· Shihan Loek Hollander- 10 dan and the legend from Sosai Oyamas time
· Shihan Fernando Perez – 6 dan from Spain
· Shihan Paul Lorist – now 6 dan from Holland
· Shihan Brandon Denito - 5 dan and our CR in Sweden
· Shihan Tommy Edvardsen – 5 dan President I KWF Norway.

Also many Norwegian instructors took part to make this camp the best one we ever have done in Norway. All instructors were smiling and enjoying all karate training. That eases up the tension and our participants learns much more. All aspect of true Kyokushin karate was taught. First session in the morning was the technical syllabus training. The second was kata. Where we introduced the new changes that is in the KWF katas. The third session was kumite. The forth session was more easy training with ground figths. Self-defence included Dim Mak techniques. And also Dim Mak for kumite. If you can hit on the right spot the effect is fantastic. The Dan grading was hard and fair. The candidates were all very well prepared. This through Technical seminar in the winter and Dan seminar in April and 5 special sessions at the camp.

We are looking forward to next year’s KWF Norway camp. Hopefully in Oslo. I wish you all a nice summer. And join us next year.

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On June 29, 2019 at the De La Salle Institute sports hall at 3434 S Michigan Ave in Chicago, Illinois, USA, the International KWF American Championships took place, attended by about 110 competitors from over a dozen countries including Japan, Canada, Bulgaria and Poland. As part of the preparations for the championship the day before the championships, the judges were trained.

The opening of the championships was made on behalf of KWF by the secretary general Andre Drewniak 9 dan. The honorary guests were the Olympic medalist and the 4-fold contender for the title of World Champion in professional boxing Andrzej Gołota and the President of the IFK Michael Monako 7 dan American organization, who also presented prizes. The main referee was shihan Noriyuki Tanaka 7 dan and judge shushin Miyachi Masaki 4 dan and Dave Muscarella 5 dan. Team competition was won by Japan, second place USA, third Canada. The official Sayonara at the restaurant ended the tournament.

The championships were positively evaluated by the KWF Board and the local press, which promises the annual organization of the KWF championships in Chicago. Special thanks for organizational and economic help belong to a group focused on the Kanku Club: Paweł Politewicz, Frank Roman, Anton Grasyuk, Magda Drab, Bruno Drab, Ewelina Czeremucha Jasica, Patrycja Pol Kotas, Antoni Zadorozhnyy and other Polish and American friends who devoted your time and financial resources for the organization of this international event. They also supported the organizer of Veroni Inc. and Arrov Trans Corp. The organizer of the championship was the American Kyokushi Federation, whose leader is shihan Lesław Samitowski 7 dan.





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