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A year ago, a great man and one of the greatest kyokushin karate masters - Shihan Loek Hollander passed away. We will never forget.


Spain, 2020 December 22nd,

Dear KWF members, Shihans, Senseis, Senpais and all other Kyokushin friends, This is the third time I am addressing you this year. We are about to close a remarkable year. A year in which we and our lives proved to be more vulnerable than we thought. A year in which we came across something that did not care who or what we are. Also, a year in which we were confronted with our responsibility for the health of the people around us. We have been put to the test over the past year, in our friendships and in the way we had to give Kyokushin a place in our lives. We had to make choices, to do things differently. We had to be careful with our friends and family because it turned out that careless behavior could also be a danger to those around us. We learned to deal with restrictions as they were imposed, and we found different ways to teach our students and give substance to our friendship. Kyokushin friendships are characterized by the fact that they are generally at a distance. They deepen every time we meet again, at a championships or seminar anywhere in the world. But since the COVID crisis, we must miss this reunion. And yet, we managed to stay in touch and give substance to these friendships in an alternative way. Supported by mail, Zoom, Teams and YouTube, we stayed in full-contact! We gave Kyokushin lessons via the internet and so we stayed in touch with our students. It proves once again that Kyokushin connects people, no matter what. Loss was an important theme in 2020: loss of freedom, loss of jobs and some of us have lost loved ones. As KWF, we said goodbye to Shihan Hollander and Shihan Tanaka. During these holidays, we will cherish their memory. The year 2020 also brought good things. Many of us have become more aware of the value of things we always took for granted. We started to train more intensively ourselves. Next to physical growth we also started to look for more mental growth. In short, despite of this setback we have become stronger, in Kyokushin and certainly also as human beings. Many of us have mirrored the life of Sosai Oyama and his solitary training in the mountains. Sosai has always been in search of harmony between society and the traditional art of bushido. He was a modest man who respected the traditions and values of both systems. In his period of self-isolation, he discovered that his role in this world was more than being the best karate master. He understood he had to do better than just that. His 3rd Letter from the President of KWF to all members focus in training was to get perfect balance and unity in physical supremacy, modesty and wisdom. This is the untold truth in superior Kyokushin Spirit. By being an example to the world, Sosai was blessed. “Keep your head low, eyes high, mouth shut; base yourself on filial piety and benefit others” Sosai Masutatsu Oyama Sosai understood that being a great man did not depend on a lot of attention, a high position and worldly wealth. He preferred to be modest and humble because he realized this made him more effective as a human being. The Covid pandemic forces us into a similar situation of self-isolation. I fully understand that it can be difficult not to be in the spotlights, the lack of attention being away from the public and not able to attend championships. Especially in those moments we have to persevere in training and mediation just like Sosai did. This is the only way to understand the true meaning of Kyokushin Spirit. We are almost at the beginning of a new year: 2021. A year in which the expectation is that slowly the world will open again. Let us continue to focus on the things that have been so important in our lives over the past year. We are entering a new year full of challenges. I express the hope that we will focus on what unites us and that we will find the energy to overcome divisions. After all, the past year has shown once again that together we stand stronger. Let us focus on a future in which we must deal sensibly with the freedoms that we are slowly regaining. Let us make plans, for each other and with each other. Let us make plans for our Kyokushin for the new year in which, hopefully, we will meet again regularly. I look forward to it. I appreciate your effort in Kyokushin last year and I am proud of the good work you all did in your countries and dojo’s. I look forward to working with you in the next year and meeting you soon in good health. I wish you all happy holidays and a new year full of prosperity, health and happiness.


Antonio Piñero

President KWF


At the end of October, in the city of Pervomaisk (Mykolaiv region), the grand opening of the new KWF dojo took place.

Sensei Dmytro Nikolaiev, KWF Country Representative in Ukraine, beeing a guest of honor at the opening ceremony, sincerely congratulated the Head of the KWF Dojo Senpai Yuri Galimon and his entire team of athletes on this significant event.

Traditionally, to thunderous applause from the audience, the guests of honor cut the symbolic ribbon, thereby giving a new life to the dojo.

In the new modern dojo, there are all necessary equipment for full-fledged workouts and comfortable showers.

60 KWF members will train here.

We wish Senpai Yuri Galimon and his students not to stop there, to move forward, conquering new peaks.

В Украине открыто новое KWF-додзё

В конце октября в городе Первомайск (Николаевская область) состоялось торжественное открытие нового KWF-додзё

На торжественной церемонии открытия в качестве почетного гостя присутствовал Национальный представитель KWF в Украине сенсей Дмитрий Николаев, который искренне поздравил с этим значительным событием Руководителя додзё KWF сэмпая Юрия Галимона и весь его коллектив спортсменов.

Традиционно под бурные аплодисменты собравшихся почетные гости перерезали символическую ленту, тем самым дали новую жизнь додзё.

В новом современном додзё, есть необходимый инвентарь для проведения полноценных тренировок, так же есть комфортабельные раздевалки, в которых есть душ и туалет.

Здесь будут тренироваться 80 членов KWF.

Желаем сэмпаю Юрию Галимону и его воспитанникам не останавливаться на достигнутом, двигаться вперед, покоряя новые вершины.

KWF Country Representative Dmytro Nikolaiev

At 4 October 2020 the capital of Ural - Ekaterinburg was visited by an outstanding personality in the field Kyokushin karate, a master of his craft - Pichkunov Alexander – the General Secretary of Kyokushin World Union (KWU), Master of sports of international class Kyokushin karate, Martial Arts, Professional fighter Kyokushinkai, Ichigeki, K-1. Children from such cities as Sysert, Nizhny Tagil, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sredneuralsk and Yekaterinburg were lucky enough to participate in a training seminar under the guidance of Shihan.
The host was the representative of the KWF in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region - Evgeny Bocharov, 3rd Dan - President OF the Kyokushin karate club - Istina. At this event, a strategy for further development of KWF in the region was developed. Now that the tasks have been set, we will only move forward! From all Participants of the seminar (almost 200 people): children and instructors, we Express our gratitude to Alexander Pichkunov for the opportunity to get invaluable experience, for an interesting and informative seminar.
Thank you very much for the warm atmosphere, for the new knowledge, for the instructions on the way to mastering Kyokushin. See you soon!

04 октября 2020 года столицу Урала - Екатеринбург посетила выдающаяся личность в области Киокусин каратэ, мастер своего дела - Пичкунов Александр Николаевич – генеральный Секретарь Kyokushin World Union (KWU), Мастер спорта международного класса по Киокусинкай каратэ, Мастер Боевых Искусств, Профессиональный Российский боец Киокусинкай, Ичигеки, К-1.
Ребятам из таких городов как Сысерть, Нижний Тагил, Верхняя Пышма, Среднеуральск и Екатеринбург посчастливилось стать участниками учебно-тренировочного семинара под руководством шихана. Принимающей стороной выступил представитель KWF в Екатеринбурге и Свердловской области - Евгений Бочаров, 3 дан - президент РООСО «Киокусин каратэ - Истина». На данном мероприятии была выработана стратегия дальнейшего развития KWF в Регионе. Теперь, когда задачи поставлены, будем двигаться только вперёд! От всех участников Семинара (почти 200 человек): ребят и инструкторов выражаем благодарность Александру Пичкунову за возможность получить бесценный опыт, за проведённый интересный, познавательный семинар.
Огромное вам спасибо за тёплую атмосферу, за новый багаж знаний, за наставления в пути освоения Киокусин. До новых встреч!


Dear KWF members, Shihans, Senseis, Senpais and all other Kyokushin friends, Some time ago I addressed you about the radical changes in the world as a result of the outbreak of COVID 19. Five months have passed and the consequences of COVID 19 are still incalculable. There is still no medical solution available yet that will put an end to this pandemic.We are starting to find it difficult to cope with the limitations that are affecting our lives. We have had to celebrate our vacations differently, we mainly work from home and practicing Kyokushin in isolation rather than together. Social distancing has become the standard in the world and has great consequences on how we treat each other as human beings.

In February we were able to give to our beloved Shihan Loek Hollander his last farewell in an appropriate way. Shihan Hollander stood at the cradle of the KWF. His whole life was dedicated to Kyokushin. For me personally, his death means the end of a 52-year lasting friendship. For the KWF his passing means that we will have to miss a charismatic leader; a man who was able to connect people and bring them together.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to pay Shihan Nuriyuki Tanaka the same respect at his passing. Shihan Tanaka was a respected member of the KWF-board. We will miss his enthusiasm and commitment to the KWF. The World Cup tournaments in Chiba which he organized together with his wife and many other Kyokushin friends an annual highlight within KWF. Both are forever in our thoughts and we are indebted to them for what they have done for Kyokushin. We wish their family and loved ones the strength to bear this incredible loss.

Within our KWF a lot of activities such as championships, summer camps and exams have been cancelled. Dojo’s are having a hard time because students stay away, since training together is not possible. For many of us it seems to be a lost year, but it does not have to be. Let’s all pick up the gauntlet and start this a new season. A season in which COVID 19 will hopefully come to a standstill. A season in which we have to support each other like we used to do, more than ever. Kyokushin will help us make this start. In some countries the measures have become more flexible
whilst in others extra measures are being taken. Most of all it is important that we do the things we do safely and that we use our common sense. During the training we always use enormous willpower on success and victory. Every day we strive a better tomorrow. Now we have to use this willpower to overcome this crisis together and get back on our feet even stronger than before.

Let us use this time also to think about the future. In my previous letter I already mentioned that this time is an opportunity to strengthen the mental component of your Kyokushin. I referred to the period in which Sosai isolated himself from the world into the mountains to train alone. Currently the world seems to slowly retreat from us and forces us to think about the things that really matters. What worries me most is that intolerance in the world is taking on ever-increasing proportions. Like Sosai, let us use Kyokushin to make the world more beautiful and a little friendlier.

We are all equal and we all deserve the same rights and opportunities in our lives. Friendship is an important element in our organization; the abilities to trust each other, support each other and try to understand each other are core values within Kyokushin. No matter how difficult this can be sometimes. Stay in touch with each other and before you form an opinion look into the motives of others, immerse yourself in people and their motives. Therefore, besides our focus on strengthening our physical skills and strength, we need to balance it with the spiritual and mental
component in our daily training. Sosai Oyama said that the fundamental truth of Kyokushin is one. Sosai also said that Kyokushin would continue to develop over the years. That there would be a
modernization of Kyokushin, training methods, the classification system for championships. He even predicted in the implementation of protective equipment.

Sosai Oyama constantly studied new methods and compared them with the old ones, investigating from new angles. Of course, Kyokushin and the bushido code have their origins in a distant past. However, Kyokushin as well as bushido can only survive if they are seen and lived in a contemporary perspective. It is essential that actions today are determined by the motives based on the existing code translated into modern life. I challenge you to use this COVID time to find your way in this. Nevertheless, let’s not forget to enjoy everyday things that we have long taken for
granted. The pleasure we get from our training, a student’s beautiful kata or an understanding of something that suddenly reveals itself. Personally, I experience this period as a test of my dedication to Kyokushin. In my training the search for harmony, health and personal growth in budo are key. As I’ve always been telling you, this helps me to get better as a person. I invite you to join me on this journey along the path that Sosai has paved for us: The Kyokushin Way.
I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Antonio Piñero
President KWF

Spain, 2020 September 20th



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